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Pulverizer - fictional attack aircraft Davis Manta Fighter - WW2 concept, never flown Arado Ar TEW 16/43-13 - WW2 rocket interceptior concept, never flown Ar TEW 16/43-13 interactive image
Messerschmitt Me P 1101 jet fighter project Blohm&Voss Bv 141 B reconnaissance plane Yakovlev Yak-9D WW2 Soviet fighter Yakovlev Yak-9D WW2 Soviet fighter

High-poly & low-poly work done for Team Sigma (2000/2001):
The 'Fighter' air superiority jet The 'Valkir' heavy jet bomber The 'Marlin' high-velocity maritime troop transport
Leopard tank Leopard tank interactive 3D model Shrapnel Slayer tank Shrapnel Slayer tank interactive 3D model