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Enter the Me P 1079/51 Gallery Messerschmitt Me P 1079/51
Among the many odd aircraft the Germans designed during World War II, there were a number of Messerschmitt pulse-jet powered fighter projects under the designation P 1079. The Me P 1079/51 was just one of the series, but never built. Projekt 1079 finally resulted in the Me 328 miniature fighter, which was built and flown, but never saw any action.
Enter the At-502B Gallery Air Tractor AT-502B low-poly game model
The AT-502B is one of the most popular cropduster planes in existence. It's big, rugged, and handles like a WW2 fighter.

This low-poly game model consists of 888 triangles and has a single 256 x 256 pixel texture map.
Enter the Focke-Wulf  Gallery Focke-Wulf Triebflügeljäger
Highly unsusual in concept, the "Triebflügeljäger" was a hybrid between a helicopter and a jetfighter. Its huge ramjet-driven rotor, located mid-way the plane's body, enabled it to take off and land vertically. It was expected to have dazzling performance, if it had ever been built.
Read more about the Focke-Wulf Triebflügeljäger on Luft46.com.