3D Studio Max Tutorials
These tutorials were written with 3D Studio MAX in mind. However they may be useful when using other 3D modelling software.

Advanced 3D Aircraft Texture Mapping tutorial Advanced 3D Aircraft Texture Mapping
In this tutorial, or rather guide, the different ways of texture mapping 3D aircraft will be explored. This tutorial is suitable for modellers with basic texture mapping skills.
Enter the Manta Fighter Gallery Basic 3D Aircraft Texture Mapping
This tutorial shows you how to apply texturemaps to 3D aircraft models, using the UVW Map and Unwrap UVW modifiers. This tutorial should be relatively easy to follow, even for beginners of 3D texturemapping.
Read the Creating Clouds with Combustion tutorial Creating Clouds with "Fire Effect"
This tutorial shows you how to create clouds with Fire Effect, formerly known as Combustion. It is a step-by-step tutorial that is suitable for beginners of 3D Studio MAX.