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Aviation Art

Jean Barbaud
Jean Barbeaud's blog, showcasing his wicked aircraft cartoons.

Jerry Boucher
Jerry Boucher's gallery boasts a wealth of 3D aircraft subjects.

Don Feeley
Don Feeley's website has more than just aviation art. Don't miss the photos, videos, cars and a great forum!

Kyoshi Harada
Superbly detailed 3D aviation art by Kyoshi Harada. Features amazing 3D cutaway models.

Gareth Hector
Gareth does amazing art of aircraft and tanks, as well as concept art, both in digital and traditional media. His artwork is characterised by his own dramatic style.

Gino Marcomini
Gino's website showcases his 3D aviation art, including many fascinating aircraft designs that never came off the drawing board.

Mark Miller
Mark Miller's incredibly detailed WW1 aviation art, including full 3D cutaways. A must-see!

Richard Louis Newman
Richard Louis Newman's website, dedicated to his acrylic paintings. Featuring many step-by-step work-in-progress galleries.

Guillermo Rojas Bazan
Aviation art of a different kind! Guillermo Rojas Bazan creates large, metal-skinned aircraft models entirely from scratch, with detail that has to be seen to be believed. Absolutely mindblowing work!

Marek Rys
Marek's 3D aviation art. Marek has recently established himself as an aviation author too, so look out for his books.

Masaru Tochibayashi
Tochy's fantastic 3D aviation art, including spectacular animations.

John Wallin Liberto
John Wallin is without doubt one of the most talented digital aviation artists out there. His work is awe inspiring. Don't miss it!

Aviation Art Galleries

Digital Aviation Art.com
Originally started by Neil Carroll, Digital Aviation Art dot com now hosts the prints and other merchandise featuring the aviaiton art of Ronnie Olsthoorn.


The Aircraft Walkaround Center
Robert Lundin's fantastic aircraft walkaround website, with tons of detail photographs of aircraft. Vital material for the serious aircraft modeller.

Aviation of Japan
Nicholas Millman's excellent blog about Japanese aircraft and their camouflage colours.

The Hawk's Nest
"Home of the P-40 Warhawk". Steve Donacik's excellent site dedicated to the Curtiss P-40

The Ju 388 homepage
Christoph Vernaleken's website about the Junkers Ju 388 bomber. Features excellent detail photographs and drawings.

Let Let Let Warplanes
The main website of Srecko Bradic. Lots of interesting stuff to be found!

Little Friends
Peter Randall's website is dedicated to all those who flew and served in the U.S. 8th Army Air Force Fighter Command, during World War 2. Includes many photographs and an extensive database.
More recently Peter also started a website dedicated to the 359th Fighter Group at www.359fg.org.

Dan Johnson's website dedicated to German project aircraft and secret weapons. Tons of info and a real nice 3D art gallery too!

Retro Mechanix
Jared Zichek's fantastic new website on "Yesterday's Vehicles of Tomorrow", including never-before-seen technical drawings and other goodies.

Swiss Mustangs
Personal website of Martin Kyburz dealing with P-51 Mustangs, especially Swiss ones.

Aviation Forums

12 O'Clock High
Superb forum, with lots of well informed members. A great resource for anyone researching military aviation history.

All About Warfare II
Successor to the highly popular All About Warfare forum. Lots of well-informed members account for plenty of interested topics, mainly aviation related.

Luftwaffe Experten Message Board
Very interesting forum about everything related to the German air force in WW2.

Great site about Japanese aviation in World War 2. Contains lots of info, walkaround photographs, an art gallery as well as a great discussion forum.

Plane Talk
Great forum for keeping up-to-date with the events on the UK historic aviation and airshow scene.

Miscellaneous 2D & 3D Art

Christian Damm
Conceptartist.dk is Christian Damm's personal website full of great digital paintings. He even has some aviation art too!

Dave Davidson
DD Designs, the design company of Dave Davidson. Check out the portfolio for some great artwork done in 3D Studio Max and Cinema 4D.

Andreas Rocha
Quality 2D digital artwork, including an excellent gallery and several tutorials.

Johan Throngren
Johan Throngren's 3D art website, including tutorials, MAXScripts and a nice gallery which contains some aircraft too.

Art Forums

The world's foremost discussion forum about digital artwork.

Forum dedicated to aviation art.

A fun forum, dedicated to 3D Studio MAX artwork.

A very friendly and helpful forum, about digital military art. Many great artworks to be seen and a fantastic reference for any military-orientated 3D modeller. My favourite site on the web!

The Great Cat 2 Art Massacree Forum
Under this somewhat odd title hides a great art forum, dedicated to aviation and motorsport art.

Miscellaneous Links

Airplane Collectible Net Resource
The Airplane Collectible Net Resource has tons of aviation related links, to find stuff like airplane photos, paper model kits, flight simulator resources and of course aviation art.

John Baxter's books
John Baxter's unique books on alternate aviation history. His books contain many interesting "what if" stories, scale model photography and great artwork.

Brett Green's fantastic website about scale modelling. Has daily updates (occasionally showcasing aviation art) and a very active discussion forum.

My Name Was Five by Heinz Kohler
This is the official website of Heinz Kohler's book "My Name Was Five". This novel portrays WW2 through the eyes of a child growing up in wartime Berlin and immediate post-war East Germany, and all the dramatic experiences that came with it. A breathtaking read, heavily based on true experiences.

Pixel Girl Productions
The website of Anna-Lisa Durrant, formerly known as Ali Bergstrom-Allen, henceforth known as Pixel Girl!
Find out about her work in the computer games industry, kittens and lots more.

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