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Over the years countless individuals have assisted me with my artwork. Many have helped me with my never-ending search for reference material, while others have helped me developing my artistic skills. I would like to thank all of you for your great support. I'd also like to thank everyone who have left comments whenever I posted artwork on the various online forums. Your comments are invaluable in helping me push the quality of my artwork to higher levels.
There are simply too many people to thank to mention them all by name. But I would like to highlight several of you, who have spent considerable time researching, scanning drawings, etc... In alphabetic order:

David Aiken, Paul Deweer, George Eleftheriou, Tadeusz Januszewski, Jim Long, Nick Millman, Akio Takahashi and Ryan Toews, amongst others, for their help with research on Japanese aircraft.

Kerry Carlyle, Andy Dawson and Mark Gauntlett, amongst others, for their generous help with Mosquito references.

Neil Carroll, for his great support in helping me and other artists to start selling aviation art prints.

Fabrizio D'Isanto, Wayne Eleazer, Andrzej Fitt, Milos Gazdic, Robert Sutic and Geoff Wong for supplying me with tons of reference material.

Tim Gagnon, a big supporter in many ways. Thanks to Tim I started doing work for WW2 veterans, which is a great experience!

Jan v/d Heuvel and Evžen Všeteckovi for unselfishly sharing their vast photo collections.

Dan Johnson, for his help with Luftwaffe 1946 research, drawings and exposure on his Luft'46 website. His site is what got me started doing 3D artwork!

Martin Kyburz, Peter Randall and Nick King for their invaluable help in Mustang research.

Olivier Lefebvre, Chris Canada, Don Feeley and John Smith for hosting, or having hosted, some of the best aviation/art forums around!

Gary Webster, for his generous help with some great reference CDs and magazines.

There are lots of people whose name I should have mentioned here too. Thank you all once more; your help and support is invaluable!

All artwork and aircraft photography on these pages © Ronnie Olsthoorn (unless indicated otherwise).