Enter the Aircraft Photo Gallery Aircraft Photo Gallery
This gallery contains photographs of aircraft, aircraft and more aircraft. The photos were taken mostly while attending airshows, but also at military airbases, aviation museums and elsewhere. Photographing aircraft since 1992 and this only shows a small, more recent selection.
Enter the Walkarounds Photo Gallery Walkarounds Photo Gallery
This gallery is aimed at both 3D modellers and scale modellers, wishing to super detail their subjects. Each aircraft that is featured has been photographed close up from a variety of angles, to pick out all those little details often overlooked in drawings.
Enter the Miscellaneous Photo Gallery Miscellaneous Photo Gallery
This photo gallery contains everything not aircraft related. Race cars, animals, aerial photography, sunsets, you name it.
All photos were taken using Canon EOS 500N or EOS 300D (2004 onwards) SLRs and a variety of lenses ranging from 18 to 400mm.