Enter the Autumn Air Display photo gallery Autumn Air Display - 1 October 2006
The last Old Warden air display of 2006 was a special one for me, as I was given a ride in a Ryan PT-22. A lovely plane to fly in! The air display itself was of the usual high quality, despite numerous showers throughout the day. A great end of the season.
Enter the Lydd Airshow photo gallery Lydd Airshow - 9 September 2006
The first Lydd Airshow at the Lydd Airport in Kent was held in the sunny weekend of 9/10 September 2006. Despite what seemed like a small scale show at first, the program was very varied with excellent flying throughout. Let's hope 2007 will see a return of this airshow.
Enter the Military Pageant Air Display photo gallery Military Pageant Air Display - 4 June 2006
As always, Shuttleworth's Military Pageant Air Display didn't fail to impress. It had a distinct naval tint with a unique formation of a Sea Hawk, a Sea Fury and a Sea Hurricane, led by a superbly restored Seafire. The BBMF Lancaster gave one of its best displays ever.
Enter the Battle of Britain Airshow photo gallery Battle of Britain Airshow - 10 September 2005
Held in the weekend of 10/11 September 2005 at Duxford, this airshow boasted a wide variety of classic aircraft. Additionally there was a spirited display by an RAF Tornado F3 and formation aerobatics by the Breitling Jet Team. Weather conditions were far from ideal though...
Enter the Sunset Air Display photo gallery Sunset Flying Evening - 24 September 2005
If light conditions were bad on the previous show, they were terrible on this one. So bad even, that the Spitfire landing shot was taken with a shutter speed of 1/20th of a second! Most time was spent talking to some nice people I had met on a previous show :)
Enter the Sunset Flying Evening photo gallery Sunset Flying Evening - 20 August 2005
Despite a fair bit of cloud cover, this Shuttleworth flying evening was very enjoyable and had a number of good photo opportunities with very low sun. After the show some night shots were made with the aid of my car's headlights!
Enter the Military Pageant Air Display photo gallery Military Pageant Air Display - 7 August 2005
Shuttleworth's biggest air display of 2005, with gorgeous weather and gorgeous aircraft - just perfect! The show included a number of surprising displays, such as John Ashby's replica Storch, which turned on a dime at incredibly slow speed.
Enter the Flying Legends 2005 photo gallery Flying Legends Airshow 2005 - 9 July 2005
A selection of the 2005 edition of the biggest warbirds airshow in Europe: The Fighter Collection's Flying Legends Airshow at Duxford airfield in Cambridgeshire, UK.
For more information, please visit The Fighter Collection's website.
Enter Spring Air Display photo gallery Spring Air Display - 1 May 2005
The first Shuttleworth show of 2005. The show had a lovely mix of aircraft, from biplanes via aerobatics planes to early jet aircraft. Numerous entertaining displays were performed, such as the ribbon snatch and limbo act.
Enter the Twilight Sunset Air Display photo gallery Twilight Sunset Air Display - 11 September 2004
Old Warden is the place to go to see real vintage aeroplanes in action. Home to the Shuttleworth Collection, Old Warden is the perfect setting for a relaxing evening filled with lovely sights, sounds and smells. The magic sunset displays are a personal favourite!