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      IL-2 Skins

Enter the MAXScripts download section MAXScript
This section currently contains "E-Light" or "Environment Light". This script for MAX 3 and up creates a dome or sphere of lights that give nice soft shadows. Colours can be controlled by use of a bitmap. All settings can be changed at any time, allowing great flexibility. Enjoy! :)
Please feel free to e-mail me with any feedback.
Enter the Fonts download section Fonts
This section contains self-made True Type Fonts that can be downloaded and used for non-commercial purposes. Currently only one font is available: 'Blockschrift für Flugzeuge'. It accurately represents the codes used on German aircraft in World War II. It was made according to RLM guidelines of 1943.
Enter the IL-2 Skins download section IL-2 Skins
This section contains downloads of 'skins' I have created for aircraft of the flight simulator Il-2 Sturmovik. Il-2 Sturmovik was created by 1C Company in Russia. The official website for this flight simulator is www.il2sturmovik.com. The skins offered in this section contain both authentic and fictional colour schemes.