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Enter the Ju EF 130 Gallery Junkers Ju EF 130
Looking rather futuristic, the Junkers Ju EF 130 was a fast, flying wing bomber with pressurised cockpit. It was to be of mixed construction with a metal cockpit and wooden outer wings, but it was never built.
This model was made for Monogram Aviation Publications for their new book Jet Planes of the Third Reich, The Secret Projects, Volume 2.
Enter the Ju EF 100 Gallery Junkers Ju EF 100
The Ju EF 100 was a very ambitious early-war design for a transatlantic airliner. Due to the increased demand on bombers, it was never built. The maritime patrol bomber variant of this massive and elegant aircraft never flew either. Read more about the Ju EF 100 on
This model was also made for the same Monogram book.
Enter the Hs P 122 Gallery Henschel Hs P 122
This strange looking contraption was perhaps the first aircraft specifically designed to deliver precision guided weapons, such as radio controlled flying bombs. This project was so secret, little more than sketches survived the war. WW2 ended before it could be built.
This model features in the same Monogram book by Manfred Griehl.