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Enter the CA-15 Gallery Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation CA-15 "Kangaroo"
The CA-15 was appropriately dubbed "Kangaroo". Only one prototype was flown of the last fighter designed and built in Australia.
This 3D model was used to create a bookcover for John Baxter's latest book: The Alternate RAAF & RAN Fleet Air Arm.
Check out to see more of John Baxter's books.
Enter the Sk14 Gallery ASJA/SAAB Sk 14
The Sk 14 was a Swedish license-produced variant of the North American NA-16 series training aircraft, which had world-famous members such as the Harvard and T-6 Texan.
The 3D model of the Sk 14 was used to create the bookcover for a book on this aircraft by Doug MacPhail and Mikael Östberg.
Enter the NA-57 Gallery North American NAA-57
Before the invasion of France, its air force and naval air service received substantial numbers of NAA-57 trainers. Many were captured and used by the Luftwaffe for fighter pilot training.
The NAA-57 is another member of the NA-16 series training aircraft, and the 3D model was a conversion of the Sk 14 model above.