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Enter the 359th Fighter Group P-51D Gallery North American P-51D Mustang (359th FG, USAAF)
One of the most famous and most popular aircraft of World War II is undoubtedly the P-51D Mustang.
This Mustang gallery focuses on several machines of the 359th Fighter Group, USAAF, including Capt. Rene Burtner's "Hubert" and Lt. John McAlister's "Satan's Lady".
Enter the Tiger's Revenge Gallery Tiger's Revenge (P-51D Mustang)
This gallery is rather different from the ones done so far, in that it focusses on a single artwork: "Tiger's Revenge". This piece shows the second victory of Lt. William "Tiger" Lyons (357th FS/355th FG). Included is an audio file (in which "Tiger" Lyons tells about his air combat with a German fighter), a making-of video and more!
coming soon...